VIP Investment International Ltd. is a professional business consulting firm established in 2002. It provides a full range of services for small and medium sized businesses whose owners are actively involved in the everyday management of the business. Our services include, among other things: market research and analysis; business plan creation and implementation; business start-up assistance and new venture strategy; merger and acquisition with small and medium sized enterprises, in the manufacturing, retail, food and service, tourism, IT, and international trade sectors.


We understand the energy-sector shifts that are taking place will make more profits in energy investments over the next several years than in any other sector during any other period in our lifetime. We offer...
VIP Investments International focuses on forestry industry business development in the province of New Brunswick, where it has the largest forest land in Canada. Please visit our service section more information.
Crisis Management
VIP Investments International commits to dealing with some major unpredictable events that might threaten to harm our clients' business and / or their stakeholders through Government, Investor, and Media Relationship Management...

Why Choose Us

VIP Investments International's knowledgeable professionals have years of experience working with clients in a broad array of industry sectors. Our team is able to address even the most challenging business issues from the current economy crisis to off-shoring to hyper-competition. Within past few years, we have successfully facilitated our clients with multi-billion projects in the industry of manufacturing, such as food processing, auto parts, and agricultural machinery, the industry of energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, and renewable energy, the industry of real estate, such as property development, construction, and management, and the industry of mining, printing, retail, health care, and media overall the North America. Not only have we facilitated resources within the projects, but also we've helped to boost local economy for more employment opportunities and to sustain the power source of long-term economy growth.

Management Profile

Doug Lash, Chief adviser
Specialty at Business Law with decades of commercial ventures experience, and was entitled as the Bar of Ontario in 1974.

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